Friday, May 27, 2005

gigantic (a big big love)

We saw the Pixies last night... twice. They played a 6:30pm show that was on par with the show I saw in New York in December, then a 10:30pm show that had a lot more energy, but I mostly liked the first show better... the second show would probably have been better from a hundred yards back, but we were ten feet from the stage in the front corner balcony. Both shows (like most Pixies shows) would have benefited from having Kim's mic turned up a bit, but that's a minor detail - the shows rocked, Frank rocked, perma-grinning Kim rocked.

The crowd was mostly (ahem) 30-somethings in denial, but hey, they're my people.


Blogger tinarama said...

Speaking of music, I just discovered this & thought of you: It's part of this: which is also kind of cool. Enjoy! T.

Blogger Foobario said...

Thanks for the links (and it's good to see you back, btw).

The music map was doing pretty good for a couple of hits, then veered off into obscure jazz and crooners... I don't know what the hell I typed or clicked to make it think those were good choices.
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