Wednesday, September 07, 2005

quick, everybody, back in the fish

We're back in 'civilization' now, though it only took one look at the news to make me feel like heading back to the desert... it seems like everything is Horribly Wrong. I'm disgusted by the way our government has handled the New Orleans disaster. Too disgusted to even think clearly about it right now.

Burning Man was the best yet, mostly because we had Good People in our camp, and met more out and about. We camped our way home again, stopping at hot springs and cold rivers, taking our time. We're already developing our evil plans for next year's burn.

We're visiting the folks tonight, heading up to Portland in the morning... I should be back to my regularly posting self in the near future.


Anonymous Tina said...

Hey, you're back! I thought of you guys all last week, and dreamed about Burning Man almost every night. Can't wait to hear about your trip. The SF Chronicle ran a cool series of articles starting Monday, which then sort of petered out toward the end of the week as storm news took over every available inch of space ... Maybe they thought it was too frivolous to keep reporting on in the midst of such a crisis. Although they did run this yesterday:

One more link, while I'm commenting: I ran across this the other day & thought it would be so cool to be able to turn you onto it, if you don't already know about it:

An easy way to share links, for folks who don't have their own blogs, plus you can browse other people's links by name, category, etc. ... God, I sound like a spammer! Sorry...

Anyway, hope you're well. Tina.

P.S. I'm moving my site from Diaryland to blogger in the next couple of weeks -- I'll post a link at the old site.
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