Sunday, August 14, 2005

what do you mean 'we', white man?

Someone tell the president the war is over.

Like the Japanese soldier marooned on an island for years after V-J Day, President Bush may be the last person in the country to learn that for Americans, if not Iraqis, the war in Iraq is over. "We will stay the course," he insistently tells us from his Texas ranch. What do you mean we, white man?

I know I can't trust Bush, but he is going to go away someday. The biggest disappointment in this whole experience has been finding out that I can't trust my fellow Americans, that despite all of our bluster and bravado when the crisis came so many people were so eager to throw away everything we supposedly stand for, all in the name of a 'safety' that didn't exist before and has been made even more endangered by our actions.

I'm sick of seeing how hateful the world is, and disgusted that my country is fanning the flames.