Tuesday, August 09, 2005

somewhere in middle america

Ryan and Jenny are spending a few weeks driving from Los Angeles to Plymouth Massawhatsit, and they're blogging the whole trip. Current location: motherfucking Omaha. No casualties (yet). I like these people... they're right, there is "something oddly satisfying about typing on a laptop in the middle of a campsite". Ahhh, nature.

(Back in my day, we didn't have "laptops" to type on when we went camping, we had to make do with magic mushrooms for entertainment. Uphill, both ways, but not so's you'd notice once the boomers kicked in.)

Their trip reminds me of a trip we took last year. Coming back from Burning Man, Anne-Marie and I camped our way slowly home, stopping anywhere with water and trees. Seeing as how we were roughing it, we were forced to survive on better food than we eat at home (we both overpack, and start with the luxuries... better to have too much stuff at Burning Man than to figure out you left something important behind). When the sun went down we'd watch films on the laptop, snuggled up in sleeping bags with the river's susurrus in the background.

These are the times I remember when I wonder where I've been: somewhere, anywhere, with Anne-Marie. Home.