Thursday, August 25, 2005

sanity check

Every time I fire up the web browser to write a post lately I make the mistake of checking the news first, proceed to get upset, then back away from the computer and let my blood pressure drop to normal.

Anyone think it's a coincidence that Bush chose Utah and Idaho as his only stops on the 'sell the war' tour? Populations with high concentrations of people who have chosen fearful worldviews, who believe they are persecuted, who have already trained themselves to accept some of the most ridiculous ideas as facts? Preaching to the choir you're bound to get a 'hallelujah' every now and again. Nice to see our president rising to the challenge.

The part that I find most interesting is the message Bush is pushing: stay the course and pay no attention to those who oppose this war... if you're not for us, you're against us, even if you are us. He's continually referring to people like Cindy Sheehan, who he says wants our troops brought home immediately. I'm sure it sounds very stirring when he says it, but... Cindy Sheehan has repeatedly said that she wants to know why we are in Iraq (since the original reasons turned out to be lies) and what our plan is for getting out of Iraq (since it is apparent that the fuckhead doesn't have one). I think it is very interesting that even the right assumes that the answers to those questions will be so unsatisfactory that the next question will be "why don't we leave?"


Blogger Writermama said...

All true--but isn't it great that the mayor of Salt Lake called for an anti-Bush protest in Pioneer Park, and without much notice 2000 people showed up in the middle of a work day?
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