Friday, August 26, 2005


Hannes informs me that browsing from Germany this site gets blocked... my German isn't too good (neither is Google's), but I think I get the gist of it from the last two words. A friend of his in China gets a similar message. Apparently I am unable to corrupt the youth of the world because they've all got candyass web content blockers.

The funny thing is almost every time I talk about drugs I'm talking about the various prescriptions I take in my duties as Test Monkey #2305. OK, so maybe I take a little pride in being the only Google hit for the phrase free dope and fucking in the street, but it's not like I regularly post sordid details about drug-fueled Hunter-Thompsonian nightmares and Caligulesque orgies.

But I guess it's never too late to start. ;)


Anonymous Hannes said...

jaja - those evil Germans censoring the web - adding fuel to the flames that there is only one true land of the free - a land where they eat freedom fries and build freedom towers to prove their freedom to the ROW. What the heck is ROW? Take a globe and ignore where is says "us" and you got ROW (might be labeled as "them" in some places?).

Well, to tell you the truth: I am still reading your page from OldGermany. That OrageBOX thingy is a filter with which my employer is trying to protect me from any bad influences or maybe just trying to keep me from surfing the web at all...


PS: I can only guess why Google fails to translate - somebody tried to make a German version of some software that was originally written in English - therefore already used Google to translate it to German in the first place. Later tried to make it look "cool". What's left now is pure BS...

Blogger Foobario said...

jaja... I wasn't dissing zee Germans.

My old employer (Penetrode) blocks my site. They also block mail coming from my primary email address :) But actually any time I think of that place I start swearing, so maybe I'm just getting caught in a 'bad language' filter.

I just had a great idea... a PHP script to encrypt webpages on the server side, and a greasemonkey script to decrypt it on the client. Filters that block specific content would never see bad content. Hrmmm... I'm gonna put that on my list of things to do.

"Take a globe and ignore where it says 'us'"

Man, I wish it was that easy.

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