Saturday, August 20, 2005

anna digs me

The mangled English (manglish?) in this piece of spam junk mail I got today is brilliant:

From: "Anna"
Subject: Hi, how are you?

Hi. How you? My name is Anna. I'm fine and I decided to write to you the letter, to get acquainted with you. It is possible to get acquainted with you? I am perfect one and I do not have anybody. I have no children, but they very much like me. I was not married, though to me 29 years will be executed. The some people speak that time cunningly, and I so do not think. It seems to me, that I only start to live. I very much would want to get acquainted with you. You can tell to me about yourself and send a photo? I shall write to you the letter and I shall send the photo. It is interesting to get acquainted with you through the Internet.

Write to my address

Deep in the hinterlands of SomewhereElseistan, a (maybe) woman (possibly) named Anna, armed with an internet connection and what is apparently a drunken babelfish, is pining away for lack of companionship. Sadly I am in no position to help her out... though I did consider sending her this picture (WARNING: high risk of brain lesions) in retaliation for the spamming.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

marr harr, I got one of those as well.
Poor Anna just want's a friend =(

Anonymous Anna K. said...

Hi Michael/Matthew/whatever

Anna hurt by your post. Anna good girl. Want to be friends. Is it crime? You no understand.
Le cœur n’entend à aucune raison. Qu’est-ce qu’on fait ?
Anna no want to be Tolstoy’s heroine. Anna no like tragedy. Anna is patient. She will wait.
Elle croit que l’amour est puissant.

Au revoir, mon cher oyster-in-the-shell.
Anna shall pierce your shell, some day.


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