Tuesday, July 26, 2005

taking the fight to the... 11-year old girls?

A girl walks down the street. Some boys pelt her with water balloons. She's too young to know that the boys are going to behave in roughly the same manner and at roughly the same maturity level until well into their 30's, but she's not going to put up with their shit regardless, and she pegs one of them in the head with a rock. Fresno police respond to the scene with three cop cars and a helicopter and arrest the girl for felony assault.

Maribel Cuevas speaks little English, so they read her rights twice... in English. She was held for 5 days in which she was allowed to speak to her parents once for 30 minutes, then placed under house-arrest. The boy who got pegged admitted to starting the fight, but the cops aren't going to back down on this one because it will make them look like idiots. Errr... *more* like idiots.

OK so 'Free the Fresno One' isn't quite as catchy as Free the West Memphis Three, but still...