Tuesday, July 05, 2005

mapping Area 51

Playing around with Google Maps I occasionally see areas that have been intentionally erased, like this big grey blotch northwest of Vegas:

The interesting thing is that they don't erase the same areas in the satellite view. Looking through that grey area I ran into this compund of buildings surrounded by circular... what, particle accelerators or something?

A little bit east of there I found out why they erased that bit of the map - it's Area 51, on the southwest edge of Groom Lake, home to spooky alien experiments:

Northwest of there, out in the middle of nowhere, is something that is either a large bombing range, proof that someone migrated to Nevada from the Nazca Plains, or a sekrit Illuminati base:

And much farther to the northwest, on the edge of another dry alkali lake-bed, there's a whole other kind of experiment going on: