Thursday, July 07, 2005

In stirring address to nation...

... President rekindles America's love affair with getting it's superpower ass kicked in Vietraq.

I hear from friends of friends, that the press - even the objective prophets of Fox News - can't help but mention the recent slew of flesh wounds and roman candles lighting up around Iraq. Now, normally, I just ignore the press. I also ignore reason, logic, and my conscience. I happen to believe that working class folk respect a man who's a straight shooter, who tows the line no matter what, even if you're making a historically tragic mistake. Let me put it this say: saving face is everything. Who cares if you're praying, so long as you show at church on time. Am I right?

I listen to only one person, and that's Jesus Christ. And you know what He tells me? "Hey, hey George – grab a crowbar and pry me down off this durned cross." HAR HAR HAR. That's a joke. Seriously though, He tells me that the only way that any President has pushed through a radical social agenda is to paint himself a "War President" and distract the retarded electorate with a magnificent kill show.