Sunday, June 26, 2005


Define 'insurgency'. It's a word that gets tossed around a lot in the doublespeak propaganda lately. In the sentence "The US defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld yesterday warned that the insurgency in Iraq could go on for another 12 years", 'insurgency' means 'those citizens of Iraq who oppose the US occupation of their country'.

We seem to be in the full-time business of pushing our worldview on people who don't want it. Which is interesting, since the US exists because a few insurgents, with the help of the French, opposed the English doing the same thing to us. We cry foul when things don't go our way, and then violate our own laws, the Geneva Convention, and any other rule of conscientious behavior when we see our chance.

I've always thought that a true test of any idea is 'would you still support it if the roles were reversed?' Christians supposedly believe that this is a useful test, though you wouldn't know it to watch them... the 'Golden Rule', now tarnished, has been replaced by the 'Yellow Ribbon'.

Indeed have many fuct things come to pass.