Saturday, June 25, 2005

forensic locksmithing

Future Darwin Award winner Arthur Richardson is the type of guy you don't want to give your keys: he jokingly pretended to swallow a friend's keys, and then accidently actually swallowed the damn things. His doctor told him it was a problem that would work itself out and gave Richardson a very nice x-ray image of the key. At this point the friend, who has (a) an idiot for a buddy and (b) no keys, called a locksmith to get new keys made. The locksmith then proceeded to cut a new set of keys using the x-ray image as a template.

Somers said the X-ray was unlike anything he had ever seen. The key was clearly outlined in the picture, located just to the right of the spine. "I've seen all kinds of things. This is the most bizarre," Somers said Thursday afternoon as he held up the X-ray to the light. "It's a perfect silhouette."

Richardson said he has learned a lesson from the ordeal: "Never put a key in your mouth."