Wednesday, June 08, 2005

even better than the real thing

Improv Everywhere strikes again:

Back in January, U2 announced the dates of their "Vertigo" world tour. I contemplated trying to purchase tickets for the May 21 gig at Madison Square Garden. I was a big U2 fan growing up, and MSG is right across the street from my apartment. I ultimately decided it wasn't worth the steep ticket price. The tickets to the event sold out literally in seconds. As I was thinking about the show, a few things occurred to me:

- U2 is playing right across the street from where I live.
- I have rooftop access at my four-story apartment building.
- U2 is famous for playing on rooftops.

It seemed obvious that "U2" would have to play an unannounced gig on my rooftop an hour before the doors opened at the Garden.

300 people gathered on the street and traffic slowed to a crawl, while people in nearby buildings crowded the rooftops and watched from windows. The cops were roused from their donut-induced comas and proceed to arrest a bunch of people, shutting down the concert right in the middle of the encore. Once they figured out it was all a joke, they still needed to justify the hour or so of their time so they slapped everyone with an "unreasonable noise" charge and a summons to appear before a judge, who will probably either fine them $10 or ask them to do another concert.