Thursday, June 23, 2005

cool tools: PDF Reader

I'm going through a tutorial right now that's in PDF format. The PDF file is 6.2MB. But if I check the task manager to see who's bogarting the memory on this machine, I find that Acrobat has a 172MB footprint. Close Acrobat, reopen the document, and it drops to a 44MB footprint, which grows a little larger each time I view a new page, asymptotically approaching the 172MB value I saw before. For a 6 meg file.

Loading the file in Foxit's PDF Reader, the first thing I notice is that it opens immediately. It doesn't spend a few seconds loading all sorts of nifty filters and plugins that I won't use anyway, it just opens the damn document. Checking back in the task manager I find that PDF Reader has a 1.2MB footprint. Obviously this means it hasn't loaded the whole file into memory, so I click through the pages, and find that the maximum memory footprint hovers around 14MB. Going from a page that is graphics-intensive to one that is pure text, the program even gives up some memory, something I've never seen Acrobat do.