Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Sometime in the next day or so a supplemental appropriations bill aimed at providing more money for the war on Iraq is expected to breeze through the Senate - it's a "must have", so there's no real need to even debate it. Which might not be so bad if our elected representatives would actually fucking represent us instead of sitting around thinking up nefarious schemes like tacking a mandatory National ID card rider onto this undebated bill. Democrats have pointed out that it might be a good idea to have some discussion before passing a bill that will give us the same identification scheme favored by Communist China and the Third Reich, but the Republican majority squelched any possible debate.

Americans have consistently rejected the idea of a national ID card, and continue to do so despite the high levels of fear this administration continues to cultivate. Bills like this one have been shot down in flames numerous times, so they tacked it onto a bill where if you oppose it you're a freedom-hater and soldiers run out of bullets. This is a fitting way to bring the national ID into being; no sense in giving the people even the illusion of choice if you plan on institutionalizing card-carrying fascism.

I hereby suspend Godwin's Law... we need to be able to talk about what is happening while we still have the right.