Sunday, May 01, 2005

new threads

I did a little redecorating around here... what you're currently seeing is semantic markup that validates as XHTML and CSS. I only allowed about 5 hacks to get around bugs in Internet Exploder, a small concession to usability that didn't offend my sensibilities too much. Getting around *all* of the bugs in IE would either triple the size of the code or break it for other browsers.

Known issues: Konqueror renders poorly. (Sorry guys, I tried. K speaks HTML, but it does so in a dialect that is foreign to me.) All generation 4 browsers will have trouble with this page, just as they will with any other page written in the past 5 years. Various browsers (mostly different flavors of IE and Netscape) render the page incorrectly, but it is still readable. Since my goal was to make a template that blogspot users can adapt to their own needs, there were some restrictions such as the inability to use @import high-pass filter rules - I'm keeping all CSS and JS in the template itself. I suspect that anyone who still uses NS4.78 or IEmac5+ is quite accustomed to having the net look like ass anyway.

Firefox and Opera get it right, almost pixel-perfect. I love you guys.

Some of the older pages that relied on specific CSS will be buggy for a few days. There is currently no javascript in the design, so that light/dark/big/little style switcher isn't on the page, nor is the tools menu. I'll bring those back soon.