Sunday, May 01, 2005

look forward to a future in the past

Next Saturday is The Time Traveler's Convention at MIT. Those MIT guys are probably just trying to reach future versions of themselves so they can find out the answers to upcoming exams. At first I was upset that I wouldn't be able to make it... but then I realized that technically all I need to do is keep myself busy until there are time machines, at which point I can ride one back to next Saturday.

If you're going too, I'm looking backward to having seen you there.

Sound absurd? Then you haven't read Cramer's Interpretation of the Wheeler-Feynman theory, which not only eliminates the paradoxes involved in time travel, it suggests that it's a necessary part of everything going on around us.

The only real conundrum that remains is this: sure we don't have time travel now, but if they have it at any point in the future they could just come back to this time... so where are all the time travelers? My guess is "someplace that doesn't suck". Except for next Saturday, when the answer will be "MIT".