Sunday, May 29, 2005

it's finally over

We just watched the new Star Wars flick then came home and watched Episode 4... I thought they did a pretty good job with continuity and managed to tie it all up pretty well. After Jar-jar and the ewoks I was pretty skeptical about this film, but then again we've known for 25 years how it was going to end, and it would be pretty hard for Lucas to fuck it up. (Not that he didn't try.)

"So this is how freedom dies ... to thunderous applause."

The plot line for this movie was written 35 years ago... back then nobody had any idea that the storyline would mirror the current political situation in the US. But the timing is impeccable - as a morality tale that shows how perfectly reasonable decisions can have effects that are exactly opposite of what was intended; how decisions made from fear and hatred only breed more fear and hatred; and how any act can be viewed in completely different ways depending on the mindset of the observer, like that Escher drawing where two people are walking in the same direction on the same set of stairs, but one of them is going up while the other is going down.