Wednesday, May 25, 2005

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BobFromAccounting on how Bush is hoping that the comparisons between him and Darth Vader will supercede the comparisons between him and Hitler:

Bush Vader

President Bush is hopeful the recent Darth Vader comparisons he's experienced during the past month will soon overtake previous comparisons to Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin and other ruthless dictators known for murder, genocide, torture and oppression.

"The President is hopeful that his image will continue to soften during and after the premiere of the final Star Wars movie," White House Spokesman Scott McClellan said at a press conference Tuesday. "President Bush is well aware that Darth Vader is considered a villain in most parts of the world, but deep inside the robotic exterior of the sadistic leader of the Dark Side, lurks a man who was not only a Jedi warrior but also the object of Natalie Portman's affection. The President can live with that."

Wow, it's all coming together now: Bush is Vader, the Republicans are the Evil Empire, and the Democrats are the fucking ewoks. Yub nub.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How long before the dark side realize who gave the order for the September 11 attacks and which U.S. planes and missiles were used?
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