Saturday, April 16, 2005

random noise

  • How to recover data from scratched CDs. First CDs, now DVDs, I'm always looking for stable ways of backing up my data, and always getting screwed when my $100 solution is defeated by a $0 scratch. Break out the Turtle Wax and get your damn data back. [via farkleberries]

  • If you need something to put on your as-yet-unscratched CDs, 3hive is sporting a new skin and a lot of good, free, legal music. I just scored some Spoon and some blast-from-the-past Stephen Duffy/The Lilac Time tunes. Someone better hurry up and BEHOLD THE POWER OF THE NAVOTRON damn soon or Jon's going to have an aneurysm.

  • Freesound is basically Flickr for Creative Commons-licensed sounds. Each sampled sound is accompanied by its spectrogram and there's an embedded player as well as download links. This sounds rather Gibsonian to me... it's straight out of Pattern Recognition. Anyone can add tags to any sound, because tags are the new black. So if you just can't get through life without the sound of ten minutes and forty-three seconds of busride between Zeist and Utrecht, have no fear, Freesound's got you covered.

  • Over at Signals vs Noise there's a very good article on the making of CodeZoo. Codezoo is basically Freesound for code: "CodeZoo focuses solely on code that is pre-packaged for reuse, ready for you to take, set up, and get working with your code". The initial rollout is all Java code, but over time they will branch out to other languages. They do let registered users rate code, but they don't have tags... what is this, the Flintstones? Get with the program, people.