Wednesday, April 13, 2005

personal update, 13 april

This morning I got the bright idea to do some work around the house; there is a very high degree of correspondence between ideas like this and the sort of complete neurochemical wackiness I've been experiencing for the past few days. Unfortunately this means that when this is happening I am the least qualified person to determine whether or not my ideas make sense.

To put this into context: there are powertools everywhere, the detritus of our remodeling efforts, and I know not to use them when I get like this, at least if I want to be able to continue counting up to ten on my fingers. I also don't drive. It's nice to know that all of that recreational drug use I did (back in the sixties) is paying off in the form of a meta-circuit that kicks in when my brain is fritzing out.

The good news is I got some work done on the stairs and got to talk with Paige and Marc for awhile (instead of just hearing them moving around downstairs but being physically unable to go down there). The bad news is my body thought all of this moving about was a really bad idea, and I started having some interesting(ly scary) and exceedingly painful seizures that literally dropped me to the floor. Joy joy joy.

After an hour of wondering whether or not I was ER material yet, things calmed down enough for me to make it back to my room, where I took One Of Everything, and tried not to move. That was 2 hours ago, and I'm finally getting some results from the pain meds and the anti-twitch meds. (Holy fuck, Richard, if you still read this, I just realized I am Twitch'n'Bitch 2.0. Goddammit.) If things continue mellowing out, I'm going to remain planted for a day or two. If they don't, screw you guys, I'm going to the ER. They have better drugs than I do.