Sunday, April 10, 2005

oi! oi! oi?

Drop kick The Faint (flash 'game', 3 song soundtrack). You play a spikey-haired Oi-boy who rips off his leather and runs into the gig to kick members of The Faint off of the stage. Mildly amusing commentary from the Oi-boy: "what is this new wave bullshit?", "I hate my dad", and "watch my leather".

The music started out ok, but then they did a song about personal growth and development... starting as a gamete, and working up to birth. He hooks up with his other half because they 'share a love of science'. Pure fucking poetry, that. I am Jack's complete lack of interest in songs that talk about this stuff.

I should have noticed the beauty
And not how it hurt
Wet like a cherry
In the bloodbath of birth.

'I should have noticed the beauty, and not how it hurt'... good advice for any time, I think, but when did punk become the new emo?