Sunday, April 17, 2005

keep on lying in the free world

In April 2004 the government released the annual Patterns of Global Terrorism report that claimed a significant decrease in terrorism and was hailed as vindication of Der Busher's strategeries. Even though the report itself mentions that the government chose not to classify any terrorist attacks in Iraq as terrorism (a good call, if you think about it, or we ourselves might top the list for that region), the press reported that Everything Is Better Now.

When somebody bothered to actually read the document they found that it was full of errors, a fact that got some exposure in the world press but not so much here in the states... Powell claimed that the 180° out of phase with reality report contained honest mistakes, not an attempt to pull yet another fast one on the country. If the string of 'mistakes' like this one were in fact mistakes, Bush could fix the economy by going to Vegas for the weekend because every single 'mistake' has turned out in the administration's favor, when if human error were the real cause there would be a statistical likelihood that somewhere along the line there would be a mistake that went against them.

Well it's that time of year again, and this year the report shows that terrorism is on the rise, reaching a 20-year high in 2004, despite the fact that they still aren't counting attacks in Iraq as terrorism. The administration's response to this: stop publishing that report. They plan to release a subset of the data that doesn't include any statistics.

Condoleeza Rice's office decided to eliminate "Patterns of Global Terrorism" when the group that produces the report "declined to use alternative methodology that would have reported fewer significant attacks". It's like we've got a group of grade-school kids running the country (into the ground): "No mom, I didn't lie, I just used an alternative methodology". Now that may look a lot like lying to some of us, but that's probably because we're suckers who live in the reality-based community.