Saturday, April 09, 2005

hopefully this will become a trend

Jeremy Jaynes just became the first spammer to receive a prison sentence for spamming. He got 9 years for sending ten million unwanted emails a day. He has appealed the decision, and probably will keep it tied up in the courts forever... he certainly can afford to, since he was make $750KUS each month.

I don't blame the guy for trying - he's just living the American Dream as it was explained to him. The people actually respond to the fucking emails are the real problem. But since it is pretty difficult to round up all of them, the next best thing is to take the spammer's toys away.

We live in a society where people watch shopping channels on the television. It's like those pods in the Matrix, where once you are plugged in all of your needs are met. And all you have to do is surrender your humanity.