Wednesday, April 27, 2005

apply clue to country, rinse and repeat

Another link in the endless chain of Americans pissing themselves in fear since we were *once* on the receiving end of terrorism... some idiot for whom nighttime television is more real than... well, reality, sees that their fellow passenger has Suspicious Somethings in their bag: a little electronic doodah with wires hooked on to it, and the wires appear to be leading to some sort of vials. Best to notify the authorities.

If we were in a world where the laws of physics were dictated by Wile E Coyote, bad-guy psychology was brought to you by Boris and Natasha Badenov, and Dr Evil had a monopoly on evil schemes (with frickin lasers on their heads), any rational person would have no problem coming to the obvious conclusion that somebody's brought another Bomb On Board.

But since we (presumably) don't live in such a wacky reality, perhaps there's just a large number of scared stupid people who will see bombs where there are only MP3 players and harmless hippie herbal extracts.

"These colors don't run"? True. But they will talk the big talk and then walk the slow unaffected walk to the nearest authority figure and narc your terrorist freedom-hating ass out to The Man, you pernicious MP3-listening *hippie*.