Wednesday, March 09, 2005

virtual swiss army knife

Hopefully the search tool I've been working on is visible somewhere over ----> there now. It is meant to be smart enough to not even show up if it won't work, but the process of getting it to work with Internet Explorer broke it for a number of other browsers (surprise surprise). I'm aware of problems with Opera 7 (working on it), IE4 (don't care), NS4.78 (actually crashes the browser... rawwwrrr) and Konqueror (people using Konqueror probably can't read this page at all, script or no... I'll look into it). It also looks like ass on most Macs... though in OSX the only problem I have seen is with Opera.

If you can see the damned thing, and if I didn't gank up the code :( it's actually a cool little hack. Clicking on a radio button runs an onclick() function that sets the appropriate attributes of the form, input text, and input submit fields using the DOM. Without that there would be 8 input fields, a big mess.

I'm working on adding some more tools: Babelfish, US white pages, Amazon, Powell's... pretty much any tool I use often will end up in there. Or, I'll rip the whole thing out if it causes too many problems. I'm only half writing it for the functionality... mostly coding is a useful way to engage my brain and make the time pass faster. It's also a good barometer for my health - I've become somewhat inured to physical pain, but if I'm hurting too much to even type I know that it's time to take something, anything, knock myself out.


Anonymous Hannes said...

Knitting your own meta search engine! It already has improved since yesterday. Very cool! Sorry, I am one of these IE users... forced to :-/

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