Sunday, March 13, 2005


I just looked outside for the first time in a few weeks, and the whole block has exploded with flowers. Almost every house has a fruit tree in the front yard... our plum tree was sticks last time I saw it, now it's fireworks. The trees are full of songbirds, too... it's like a goddam Disney film out there.

Our yard and the one next to us both have a lot of butterfly-, bee-, and hummingbird-friendly plants, and the first hummingbirds have arrived. We've got two species here; the smaller of the two (body about an inch long) arrives in the spring, and the larger (maybe twice that size) shows up mid-summer. I've never figured out where they live, but it might be inside the rather absurdly large rose bush that threatens to eat our house each year. (That bush considers an attack with a machete to be a mere taunt.)

These birds have eggs that are a centimeter long. There are some pics here that show some eggs hatching, and the baby bird. We have bumblebees bigger than the hummingbird I saw today.

I'm a little worried about the trees, and the birds. It's a bit early for everything to be Springing. But I think my concerns might just be a holdover from when I lived in Yootaw, where all the plants would wake up during a fake early spring, and then get killed by the next freeze. Not likely to happen here, where we've got Better Living through Global Warming.