Wednesday, March 23, 2005

robin banks... and museums

Banksy is a fucking genius... I've written about his art a couple of times before, and I often check in to see what he's been up to recently. To make it easier for us state-side folks to see his art, Banksy spent the last couple of weeks smuggling his own art works into four of New York's museums... like this American beetle of species 'Withus Oragainstus' (complete with miniature sidewinder missiles) that he installed in the Museum of Natural History's Hall of Biodiversity:

banksy's beetle

He also hit the Met, MoMA, and the Brooklyn Museum. Wooster Collective has some pics of Banksy at work... disguised in a fake beard and trenchcoat, he looks like Peter Sellers. The Met removed their new acquisition the day after it was installed; it took MoMA 3 days to discover theirs. So far the other two remain in place.

MoMA should leave the thing up - whether the painting itself qualifies as art is irrelevant, the subversion is a work of art in itself. It has all the hallmarks of a brilliant hack: it's creative, shows a sense of humor, and doesn't take place at someone else's expense.