Tuesday, March 01, 2005

one man's garbage...

... is, in this case, literally another man's art. Provided that the person buying the art wants to turn their house into something right out of an H.R. Giger painting. I'm not talking 'Hello Cthulhu' here... this 7 foot tall alien statue made from junkyard parts is the stuff of chthonian tentacular nightmares.

Disclaimer: YMMV. I first saw 'Alien' while tripping on some rather intense acid that took so long to kick in that I figured it was bunk. I went to the theater to find some way to pass the time... and I dreamed Cthulhian horrors for years afterwards. I still get the willies, but Alien is still on my list of favorite films.

This amazing ALIEN-like sculpture is made out of scrap metal and old auto parts such as nuts & bolts, connecting rods, motorcycle chains, gears, spark plugs, bearings, springs and whatever can be found in junkyards. Artists spent approximately 2 months to create this incredible piece of art by collecting different parts from the junkyards and welding them together piece by piece. It was polished and coated with lacquer to prevent it from rusting.

They're asking $4KUS for the opening bid. If that's out of your league, the same artists have got many other auctions of smaller pieces. Very creative and a great use of materials.