Saturday, March 26, 2005

no wonder buildings fall down

When I was working on my Electrical Engineering degree I noticed some class distinctions between the different sorts of engineers. One of my Mechanical Engineering friends said "I wasn't sure if I should go EE or ME, but then I noticed that ME's go out and drink at night while EE's stay home and do math". It's true. Dammit.

Lower down the food chain were the Civil Engineers... we were never sure what they really did. I mean we had classes in the same building and all, but they would just sort of disappear when the really difficult classes came around. At first we assumed they had Something Else to do that was specific to their field, but by junior year that theory was dropped because we never saw them studying. They'd be throwing a frisbee out on the lawn in front of the building while we were inside calculating Disturbances In The Force.

Well finally one of them broke ranks and let the secret out. What were they doing all those years? Fucking around with pennies. I knew it had to be something like that.

[via SEB]