Friday, March 04, 2005


Everytime I say the word 'flash' in my head I hear Freddy Mercury singing the theme song to Flash Gordon :/ Why is it I can remember just about everything that happened during the 80's, but I can't remember where I put my keys now?


This first-person shooter game done in Shockwave flash is almost as good as Unreal Tournament. The textures and lighting are pretty damn good for a one-minute page load. And the AI even compares favorably to some of the humans I've played against. (Actually it occurs to me that if you had enough people playing a flash game from your site, you wouldn't need AI... just hook people to each other without telling them. "Damn, that bot is good... it's like he was really hunting me down." Hrrmm, you'd also either need to make sure there wasn't chat capability, or try to convince people that you programmed the AI to say "i 0wnz0r3d j00!!1!!1!" every time it kills you.)

If you already have your aggressions worked out and just want to chill, hop on the Col-trane... his 1959 jazz number 'Giant Steps' has been synaesthetically interpreted in flash by Michel Levy.

[both via waxy]