Wednesday, February 16, 2005

leonardo da vinci is alive and well...

... but he's too stoned to come to the phone right now.

Kaden Harris, whose desktop mangonels, trebuchets, and ballistae already make him a minor deity for me, is apparently a pretty useful guy to have around. Like when he MacGyvered this rather Jules-Vernian bong together for some friends.

Quoth he:

Total elapsed time from concept to completion: 11 minutes

Valu Village cookie jar

2 doorknobs, a low pressure expansion fitting, a high pressure ball valve, a 3/4" pipe union, 3 chunks of brass tubing and some lamp bits. The screen is a piece of expanded brass from the inner core of a chunk of heat exchanger pipe.

It worries me that I had all the components not just on-hand, but in plain sight. And not in the shop.

I don't even smoke, I'm just impressed by the creativity.