Friday, December 31, 2004

it looks like a president, only smaller

For the record, since about half of the country has apparently not figured it out yet: our asshole president's initial response (or lack thereof) to the tsunami would have been rude, ignorant, and dishonorable in and of itself, but when you look at it in comparison to the support we received from the rest of the world in September 2001 his lack of compassion is particularly reprehensible. It's not just some abstract political thing that doesn't affect the people of this country - it's the trickle-down effect in action, disgrace by proxy.

Having fun out there on the ranch, fuckhead?

The body count, which is still rising, is already equal to American losses in fifty 9/11's or three Vietnam wars, and Bush's response to the news was to say "actions speak louder than words", after which he jumped into action "clearing brush at his ranch and thinking about what he'll say in his inaugural speech and upcoming State of the Union address."

The problem is that he's right... actions do speak louder than words. And the silence is deafening.