Friday, December 03, 2004

gmail, pop access, and eudora

If you're trying to use Eudora to access your Gmail account via POP, you've most likely seen the error "SSL negotiation failed: Cause (-6994)" even if you've followed the directions (sponsored and paid modes, light mode) correctly. This is the result of a Eudora configuration setting that isn't accessible through normal means.

Eudora has hundreds of XMLish settings that are changed by sending yourself an email with the options in the body (they'll show up as links), and holding down ALT while you click on them. The setting for how Eudora handles alternate-port SSL access isn't accessible any other way.

To fix the glitch:


To set things back the way they were:


Copy those into an email (or you can use the handy icon below to mail a copy of this post) to yourself. When you hold down ALT and click on the options, a dialog box will come up showing the current setting of the option and asking you to verify that you want to change it. After accepting the change, Eudora will ask you for your Gmail password and should connect correctly, assuming all of the other options are correct as well. Make sure you've got both send and receive SSL set to 'Alternate port', and that you've saved the changes enabling POP access in your Gmail settings.


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