Sunday, December 05, 2004

chicago tales, part II

Spent the day in bed, then went back to the Aragon tonight to see Snow Patrol, The Hives, and Franz Ferdinand.

Snow Patrol was awesome... I'd never heard them before but they got me tonight. If I could take the last two nights and make one show out of them, it would be Snow Patrol -> Secret Machines -> Califone.

The Hives really impressed me - with their ability to completely fuck up any possible enjoyment of their music (which I like, when the band is not actually present) by prancing around and talking too much and 'playing the crowd'. I had gone in expecting them to be the high point of the evening, and they turned out to be the low. I just hope the memory of the show doesn't ruin the CD for me.

Franz Ferdinand put on a good show. They don't make my playlist very often, I guess their music is good but doesn't really move me. While listening to them I think "I've been here before", then I wonder where 'here' is. At the show tonight I figured it out - 'here' is the eighties. FF have taken recent musical direction and blended it with that sort of naive new wave pop sound, like Foo Fighters meet Spandau Ballet.