Saturday, December 04, 2004

califone in chicago

By the time Califone finished playing tonight, I was worn out. Blissful. Post-coital.

Then The Secret Machines played, which was like snuggling under the covers.

After that Modest Mouse hopped into bed without showering and stole all of the covers.

I could have walked out after Califone and considered tonight's entertainment quota fulfilled. I actually think it would have been a better show if they reversed the order of the bands - Modest Mouse to draw a crowd, then The Secret Machines to get the crowd interested enough to lean forward, and then Califone could come along and push everyone into the woodchipper.

(I think my North Dakotan pilot, who sounded exactly like the way they spoke in 'Fargo' and who made sure to point out when we were flying over Fargo and Brainard, might have influenced that last bit there.)

I met Hari (Finland) and Christian (Switzerland) and we had great conversations in between sets. Hari's trip is the opposite of mine - traveling the states these past few weeks he has always arrived in towns a day or two after great shows; he finally decided to just camp in Chicago until he saw something good. He's flying home tomorrow.

The gig was in the Aragon Ballroom, which makes our hometown Crystal Ballroom look like a basketball court in comparison - very baroque, and fucking HUGE. They had the best sound system I've ever heard in a gig hall - loud enough to make you *feel* the music, clarity in abundance, and the hall is big enough that the stacks were maybe 30 feet from the audience so you could experience all of that sound without destroying your eardrums.

Tomorrow night is Snow Patrol, The Hives, and Franz Ferdinand at the same place. w00t.