Friday, December 03, 2004

but did they ask about shopping for shoes?

Tom at Iron Monkey, commenting on a recent study that showed women think commuting isn't as fun as sex:

...a recent study of women's happiness revealed that "Having sex is the high point of most women's' days, while commuting is the low point"...

The creators of this study aim for more than just the accumulation of abstract knowledge. The article reports that "they propose that their tool could be used to plan social policy." Well, one obvious social policy leaps out from this data. Society must find a way for people to have sex while commuting. In addition to increasing happiness levels, this could provide new, compelling reasons to car-pool, which would reduce pollution and oil consumption.

This has all of the marks of a Brilliant Solution - it's elegant, doesn't hurt anyone, and solves additional problems as a side effect. Plus, hey, sex in cars.

Tom has also decided that the economy of the future will be one where people trade sexual favors for music CDs. (It's easier for you to go read it than it is for me to explain.)

I wish I had Tom's optimism. Next election I'm making him my write-in vote for President.