Sunday, October 03, 2004

tell me about the rabbits, george

So during the debates when Bush stopped in the middle of a sentence and impatiently said "let me finish" [100KB mp3] while no one was visibly or audibly interrupting him, was he being prompted through an earpiece or was he listening to the voices in his head?

If he wasn't being prompted, what made him say that? And if he was being prompted, why did he still sound like a fucking idiot?

I can't decide if I'm more afraid that he's giving us a dumbed-down version of words Karl Rove is whispering in his ear or that the apparently cartoon-like inner workings of his head are manifesting vocally. Maybe he's channeling somebody... Homer Simpson, perhaps.

The 'debates' had a clear loser: the American people, who were given a bobblehead infomercial instead of useful information. Yeah, it might have been more useful to have a more open forum for discussion. But for me the real bummer was that usually when Bush speaks on television he's got a line of handlers behind him, and I really enjoying watching them wince when he strays from the teleprompter and says something truly idiotic. Knowing that people all over the country were wincing during the debates wasn't quite as fulfilling as seeing his own speechwriters look like they want to disappear.)