Tuesday, October 05, 2004

maher takes a fair and balanced look at fox

Bill Maher takes a humorous look at FOX's 'fair and balanced' debate coverage [streaming Quicktime]. I watched this five times, and each time it was a little less funny when I realized that there are people in this country that actually have the perspective that Maher is parodying. So only watch it once...


Blogger Mover Mike said...

I understand why the left gets so worked up over FOX. The MSM is on the side of the left, they just don't advertise their Bias. ABCCBSNBCCNNMSNBCNYTWPLAT it's all the same, then there is NPR and PBS. We have FOX and talk radio. The left wants to control all the media. When FOX comes along and offers the other side and you get upset. Well it's a free market and the market is voting overwhelmingly with their Remotes and the MSM doesn't like it.

Blogger Foobario said...

"FOX comes along and offers the other side" of what? The truth? And for the last 4 years, the major news sources have all followed FOX's lead. On the day of the debates, FOX published their post-debate analysis 5 hours before the debates even started. And their analysis was faulty. And they didn't retract it.

They've argued successfully in court that as a news organization they have no legal responsibility to report the truth. They speak to the least common denominator... and you apparently hear the call.

There is *nothing* American or democratic about blindly following the president... but then again the rules have changed a bit since they've so successfully dismantled the Constitution and consolidated power in the executive branch.

Liberal media? There's only been a liberal side to the media for about 4 years now. Prior to that there were maybe Penthouse and Mad Magazine, and I don't think either of them posed a real threat to an informed society.

Of course, as you've so capably proven, we not only do not have an informed society, we have a society that will fiercely defend it's ignorance. This is nothing to be proud of.
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