Wednesday, October 20, 2004

female? republican? dumbass.

The United States has refused to join 85 heads of state and governments in signing a statement that endorses a 10-year-old U.N. plan to ensure every woman’s right to education, health care and choice about having children.

President George W. Bush’s administration withheld its signature because the statement included a reference to "sexual rights."

And to think that this isn't even the most ignorant backwards fuckheaded thing this administration has done. I'm having to study higher math just to keep track of how many decades this asshole has set our country back.


Blogger Mover Mike said...

We probably did more for women's rights by kicking the Taliban's ass than all those 85 Countries combined. So what if we didn't sign some silly paper.
Mover Mike

Blogger Foobario said...

Riiiiiighhtt... apparently ignorance really *is* bliss.

I guess you missed the news last week where an Iranian woman was sentenced to 100 lashes followed by death by stoning for committing adultery. In response to concerns voiced by almost every country except for the US, the judge agreed to drop the stoning sentence, but she still gets the lash.

Seriously, man, the Taliban? We kicked their ass? And that somehow helped women's rights? I wish I thought you were joking, but I suspect you actually think those things are true, to the extent that whatever dim and confused mental faculties you possess can be called 'thinking'.
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