Friday, September 17, 2004

work in progress

Whatever I did to hose up the comments system has been fixed now... I was trying to force Blogger to generate validatable XHTML and CSS, but it doesn't wanna, so I'll stick with the invalid code until either they change something or I rewrite the entire page using javascript document.write() commands.

For the record Blogger's response to any concerns about validatable code is:

Thanks for letting us know about this validation issue. However, unless it is actually breaking functionality somewhere in Blogger or causing true accessibility issues, it will likely be treated with a low-priority.

This translates roughly into "use Internet Explorer, bitch".

It's not like I can really complain about the little details of this free service (actually I am technically still a paying customer, but all of that flew out the window when Google bought Blogger... luckily a whole bunch of Good Things flew in shortly after), but just for a sense of perspective here the changes required to make Blogger spew out valid code involve deleting 4 characters from one CSS file and making trivial changes to four lines of code in their page generation scripts.