Monday, September 13, 2004

be afraid... be very afraid

Bush's plan is working very well... there are so many Amerians pissing themselves over threats that are severely overstated or nonexistent, like last week when Orange County 911 got a report of people of Middle Eastern descent filming a tractor-trailer weigh station, bridges, and overpasses:

Authorities from the Orange and Durham counties and the Federal Bureau of Investigation reviewed the tape while the family stood outside by the minivan.

Durham County Sheriff's Maj. Lucy Zastrow said the tape in the video camera was harmless and contained nothing of a suspicious nature.

"The guy was videotaping his family... he taped the sunrise, which was really quite pretty this morning, and he taped his speedometer, which was up around 90."

The family turned out to be Mexican, and authorities had to wait until a Spanish-speaking interpreter arrived on the scene.

Sometimes I'm just ashamed to be an American. This wasn't as blatantly stupid as the airline stewardess who saw the letters "BOB" written on a bag and decided that this must of course mean "Bomb On Board", resulting in an emergency landing, but in some ways it is even worse: the stewardess was operating out of fear and a hyperactive imagination, but whoever turned in the Mexican vacationers was operating out of fear and prejudice and the considerable amount of ignorance that has become the hallmark of American society.

Remember when all of our politicos were constantly spouting off about how if the explosions downtown changed the way we live, the terrorists have already won? Under that criterion, they have won so decisively that they can now just sit back and watch us terrorize ourselves. Somebody in Al Queda probably got a fucking promotion for that. America didn't want to admit to any culpability in the airplane attacks, and now most of the country (led by the single-most stupid, embarrassing, and unAmerican president we have ever had) can't wrap their little brains around the idea that they themselves are perpetuating this climate of fear. I think they probably need to continue believing in the boogeyman, because if they don't they'll have to face the deep dark truthful mirror.