Sunday, August 01, 2004

they can't even pretend to be human while campaigning

The news is getting to the point where I can replace the names 'Bush' or 'Cheney' with 'Stalin' or 'Big Brother' without loss of context.

The Bush election campaign, which is nominally an attempt to reach out to the people of the country, unsuprisingly only wants to reach out to white republicans. In Arizona, the Bush campaign insisted on knowing the race of a journalist assigned to photograph Cheney. Apparently Cheney thought that 'Mamta Popat' sounds a bit too much like it could be the name of someone who might hold a grudge if, hypothetically for instance, the administration inadvertently pissed off the entire fucking Muslim world.

Popat's employer, The Arizona Daily Star, refused to give the information, citing it's irrelevance to the job at hand. Thanks to the 'Patriot Act', the secret service can just look up that info on their PDA's anyway, so I don't know why they even bothered to ask... other than to show their continued disdain for the American people.

This happened just a few days after citizens in New Mexico were denied entry to a Cheney speech unless they signed a pledge or 'loyalty oath' to support President Bush. Registered members of the Republican party weren't required to sign anything, presumably because it was assumed that they are sheep anyway.

I remember being taught in elementary school how heinous this sort of behavior was - when it was done by the Russians, Chinese, or Germans, that is. It was assumend we would never stoop that low. Funny how much a country can change in just a few short years.

Bush should just change his campaign slogan to 'Fuck freedom and democracy, and fuck you too'. The candor would be refreshing.