Thursday, August 26, 2004

que sera sera

Sarah Brown, August 20 2004, on the imminent arrival of Josh:

[Josh] is due to roll into Penn Station around 11 am tomorrow. I will do my damnedest not to wake up married or in jail or on a railroad train headed west come Sunday morning, but I make no promises.

Sarah Brown, August 24 2004, on the events of the preceding 3 days:

When someone says to you, "Let's get married," and you say "okay," and then they say, "No, seriously: if I can find a priest tonight, will you do it?", this is pretty much going to be the best thing anyone ever says to you.

Keep in mind that it's 3am on a Saturday morning and they're in the Bowery drinking... dredging up someone with the proper credentials could be difficult. Well, maybe not too difficult... there's probably a large number of Universal Life Church ministers to be found there.

So it was that Josh Parish and Sarah Brown were married on the sidewalk in front of CBGB's. The groom placed a lovely ring of folded gum-wrapper on the bride's finger, and she in turn drew a ring on his finger with a marker. Scroll down this page for pictures of the new couple and the literally blushing bride (putting the lie, incidentally, to her claim of being "not too terribly attractive").

All told it was a great story - until she got to the last line and broke my heart: "God, being young is so fucking awesome." Aye, it was, if my fading memories are correct. Now I'm going to drag my old self away from the computer before someone else depresses me even more.