Sunday, July 18, 2004

wrong division

I've been thinking about how far this country has slid in the past few years, how hateful and misinformed everyone has become. I tend to consider Bush to be incompetent, but in truth I have to give him credit for a number of brilliant accomplishments:
  • alienating our allies
  • destroying the economy
  • making 'Big Brother' look progressive
  • completely failing to pursue Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan while coming up with specious reasons to go after Saddam in Iraq
  • turning the Republicans into neoconsfascists without them even realizing it
  • actively disenfranchising those who do not agree with his policies
  • uniting the Islamic world against us, thereby ensuring that his 'War on Terror' will go on forever
  • and dividing this country, turning even family members against each other

That last one is the real kicker... the amount of rabid hatred people are showing each other over issues they don't even understand. Suddenly the whole country, which looked so united in the days after 9/11, looks irreparably damaged.

Check out this conversation between a mother and her son... this sort of stuff is happening everywhere.

Bush has told a lot of lies in his time in office, but the worst one of all was the one about being "a uniter, not a divider". Unless, of course, he was talking about the Muslims or his rich buddies.