Saturday, July 03, 2004

Nation clueless, news at 11

Why don't you turn off FOX News for awhile and go check out the Newseum's collection of today's front pages from 297 newspapers in 40 different countries. It's not only interesting to see the different viewpoints and priorities offered by other places and cultures and languages, it's also useful for pointing out the biases each paper has.

Objective reporting has all but disappeared in the mainstream US press, and you don't even need to look at other country's papers to find that out: often a story will be reported in two (often opposite) ways just going from city to city. Even so, they all tend to stick to rather conservative lines - journalists know that if they piss off the government they won't be let back in to the press conferences, or at least won't be called upon to ask questions.

Sometimes I think The Onion and Jon Stewart are the most 'fair and balanced' news sources available in this country.