Saturday, July 31, 2004

more gmail

For WindowsXP users, there's an open-source project called GMailerXP that does everything GMail does and more. It basically started as a project to duplicate the functionality of GMail's web interface on the PC, then they added additional useful features like unlimited filters (with more options than the originals), importing and exporting of emails and contacts, and handling multiple GMail addresses.

My primary email account is getting a little flaky (they just decided that individual procmailrc files would be prohibited, thereby killing the spam filters I've been developing for years), and I've never been too happy with Eudora's filters, so I'm thinking of switching over to GMail completely. With open-source projects like this one available, I can add any features I think would be useful - Bayesian spam filtering, full boolean and regexp filtering, whitelists/blacklists, challenge/response, you name it.