Monday, July 12, 2004

Moore sources

Whatever else you might think he is, Michael Moore is apparently an optimist. He's published the sources from which he got the hotly-contested information in his newest film... which sort of implies that he believes that the people who outright reject the film (many without even seeing it) are capable of rational thought and revision of beliefs in the face of well-documented evidence. Ok, so maybe he's not just an optimist, maybe he's high.

He's reactionary, got his own agenda, willing to use 'tricks' to make implications that aren't obvious from the facts (you think FOX News doesn't do that?), and prone to making incendiary remarks that give people reason to doubt the rest of what he says. He's also intelligent, well-informed, and unafraid to air out our country's dirty laundry. Most of the facts in his film are incontestible... so the people who are filled with hatred over the film must be so because they don't want our dirty little secrets out in the open, they want to go on believing that we are the Good Guys, that our government is the embodiment of the principles we supposedly stand for, and that we are the righteous wounded party here so all attention should be directed elsewhere - and Moore's film, which turns the cameras back on us, challenges those beliefs.

I wish those people would put as much energy into *being* the good guys as they do into angrily claiming that they *are* the good guys.