Friday, June 25, 2004

you first, buddy

Yesterday on the Senate floor, Vice (in all senses of that word) pResident Dick (in all senses of that word) Cheney responded to criticism from Patrick Leahy by telling him "go fuck yourself". Apparently Cheney was a bit upset that Leahy has had the gall to call for investigations into Cheney's continued rape of the US treasury via possibly felonious misuse of his powers as head of the Energy Task Force. Under Dick's guidance, the Task Force continues to grant Halliburton lucrative contracts despite the fact that they are almost always the most expensive solution and they have admitted to multi-million dollar kickback scandals.

For the record, if it had been a democrat saying that to a republican there would probably be a body swinging from a tree on Capitol Hill by now.

Bush is an idiot, but Cheney isn't. That makes Cheney much more scary than Bush - after all, stupid evil will trip over it's own feet, but intelligent evil just keeps going and going and going...