Saturday, June 05, 2004

it was forty years ago today

On 5 June 1964 Vocalion Pop released the 45rpm single Liza Jane/Louie, Louie Go Home, by Davie Jones and The King-Bees. It would take awhile for the music scene to notice Davie Jones, by which time he'd changed his name to David Bowie and blown the fucking doors off of rock music. The guy is 57 years old and he's still cranking out the tunes, still more hip than people a third his age... it may look like he's fallen behind a bit, but he's really just so far ahead of the pack that he's almost lapped them. Probably more than once.

I recently played a video game called Omikron in which Bowie is a character; there are three or four bars in the game's virtual world where you can go see Bowie perform songs he wrote for the game. I'm *still* trying to figure out how to extract those songs from the game files so I can add them to my music collection.